Cake Boss

Who: Cake Boss – Buddy Valastro (Airs on TLC)
Book: Baking with the Cake Boss: Buddy’s Recipes & Secrets That Make You the Boss of Your Home Kitchen

Cake Boss was recommended to me by one of my lifelong friends (my matron of honour, second mom, older sister, hairdresser, seamstress, baker, cake decorator). I could go on and on, she’s a very talented woman and means the world to me. She absolutely loves the show and got me into watching it in its early days. I decided I would surprise her with a signed copy of Buddy Valastro’s latest book for her birthday.

My plan was to get tickets to his show at the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts, but they sold out too fast and I missed my chance. The book signing was for 1pm, and knowing the location chosen for the signing (A predominantly Italian part of the city) I decided to go very early and I’m glad I did! I arrived at 9:45am for a 1:00pm signing and was somewhere around 60th-70th in line. I sat in line and read for over 4 hours for a quick 20 second meet and greet, and got a few candid shots with him. Side note: – I have to say, he looks much more handsome in person, his eyes are very blue and he is much tanner than he appears on the show. The theme song, Sugar Sugar by the Archie’s was sung by the original artist, which I thought was neat. Also a fan in front of me went to Carlos Bakery in Hoboken and had a Carols Bakery tee shirt to tell his tale! When all was said and done over 1000 people showed up and the line went out the building and spilled outside. Buddy was supposed to only to stay until 3pm but he stayed until everyone got their book signed, what a guy!

For 4 ½ months I held onto my surprise and when April rolled around I gave my friend her present and she loved it! She finally has her own autographed cookbook by Cake Boss. The look on her face made me so happy.

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