St. Lawrence Market

St. Lawrence Market - Candy Coated Culinista

St. Lawrence Market – Candy Coated Culinista

Location: 95 Front Street East, Toronto, Ontario

I have been trying to go to St. Lawrence Market for awhile now. Basically since I’ve been married and moved to Toronto. It’s funny, It’s like they always say the places you live closest to you never visit. Every time I tried to visit it was the windiest day, a torrential downpour or the first snow fall of the season, when there was no snow in the forecast… this sort of stuff. It was a nice day and early in the morning so I decided today’s the day.

When I entered the South Market I was greeted with so many different vendors and the smells of fresh fruits, vegetable and speciality cheeses. I meandered around seeing what each vendor had to offer, and let me tell you it’s all encompassing. Fresh Produce, Meats, Seafood, Baked goods, Coffee, Cheese. Then I went down to the lower level I came across 2 bakeries I will definitely be visiting again. I found some more macarons and Portuguese custards; another quest I will be going on but back to the market. If you need it or it’s a special ingredient you will find it here. From cheeses to exotic fruit to live lobster and speciality baked goods. The prices are quite reasonable but you will have to shop around from vendor to vendor to get the best price. There are also shops that sell “Canadian souvenirs” and kitchenware also.

I have been back two more times since I started writing this post and I went tothe kitchenware shop and bought small glass custard cups with lids. I plan to use these when I make crème brulee and need to transport them. I also bought a stainless steel cocktail shaker, chopsticks and some other gadgets on my trip today.

The South Market
The main and lower levels of the South Market contain over 120 specialty vendors, as well as non-food items for sale. The second floor of the South Market is home to the Market Gallery, an exhibition space for the City of Toronto’s Cultural Services. South Market Hours: Tuesday–Thursday 8am–6pm, Fridays 8am–7pm, Saturdays 5am–5pm.

The North Market
The North Market is primarily known for its Saturday Farmers’ Market. Antique dealers will fill the North Market on Sunday. On the other days of the week this space is available to rent.

The Farmer’s Market
Along the outside of the market even more produce is sold. This is a great place to get your seasonal produce. Farmer’s Market Hours: Saturdays- 5am – 3pm.

Antiques Market
The Antique Market carries a wide variety of items, from jewelry, to old video games, furniture, clothing and more. Every weekend you will see something a little different. It is well worth the look and maybe even a second look. Antiques Market Hours: Sundays- 5am – 5pm.

National Geographic ranked St. Lawrence Market the No. 1 Food Market in the world.

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