Candy Coated Culinista beyond wordpress.

Media is where you will find some of my photography or recipes that were selected to be included online etc. Just outside the four walls of the wordpress community.

Check them out below:


November 2013 Chatelaine-The Expert Issue (page 170) Chatelaine Food-5 Ways To Enjoy Every Bite #4 Cook, Snap & Win. My Mini Jumbleberry Tarts was shown to promote the cooking club with my name and everything. I was so shocked. I bought myself two extra copies – one frame and one to leave untouched.

Chatelaine November 2013 Issue

Chatelaine November 2013 Issue


1. Chocolate Diable Cookies – Chatelaine Cooking Club

2. Homemade BBQ Sauce – Chatelaine Cooking Club

3. Vanilla Pink Ombre Cake – Chatelaine Cooking Club

4. Bush Berry Cake – Chatelaine Cooking Club

5. Ice Cream – Chatelaine Cooking Club – I got my very first cover page to all the sleceted picture for this challenge.

6. Cook the Cover Very Berry Galette – Chatelaine Cooking Club

7. Sweet Corn – Chatelaine Cooking Club – I was selected best picture and was the winner of $100 Starbucks Gift Card & 2 bags of True North Blend Coffee along with Starbucks CD.

8. Peaches & Cream Butter Cake – Chatelaine Cooking Club

9. Mini-Jumbleberry Tarts – Chatelaine Cooking Club – I was selected best picture and was awarded a $100 Chapter Indigo Gift Card.

10. Cookies – Chatelaine Cooking Club

11. Pumpkin-Ale Loaf – Chatelaine Cooking Club

12. Pumpkin Pie – Chatelaine Cooking Club

13. Tuscan Margherita Pizza “Cook The Cover” – Chatelaine Cooking Club

14. Four things our food editors are loving this month. – My Mini-Jumbleberry Tarts are used for the Chatelaine Cooking Club Challenge.

15. Dark Chocolate Souffle – Chatelaine Cooking Club

16. Holiday Cookies – Chatelaine Cooking Club

17. Caramel Gluten-Free Brownies – Chatelaine Cooking Club

18. My Cauliflower Carrot Soup got a mention with fellow blogger Maiu at Toronto Cooks. She tried my soup recipe and here’s her post. (We both are apart of the Chatelaine Cooking Club)

19. Tomato Soup with Grilled Chesse Croutons – Chatelaine Cooking club

20. Parmesan-Crusted Salmon – Number 5 is my dish – Food Network Cooking Club Challenge January – Salmon

21. Baked Doughnuts – Chatelaine Cooking Club

22. Nutella & Almond Croissants, Sticky Fig Lamb with Beans & Moroccan Couscous & Pears with Chocolate Sauce & Vanilla Bean Ice Cream – Number 1, 10 & 13 are my dishes – Food Network Cooking Club Challenge February – Valentine’s Day

23. Lemon Tart – Chateliane Cooking Club

24. Guinness Fudge Cake – Chatelaine Cooking Club

25. Egg & Toats Tartlet – Chatelaine Cooking Club

26. Spring Superfood Salad – Chateliane Cooking Club

27. Hoisin-Peanut Chicken – Chatelaine Cooking Club

28. Bourbon-Pecan Blondies – Chatelaine Cooking club

29. Strawberry Scones with Compote – Chatelaine Cooking Club

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