Soap-Making Party

Soap Making Party - Candy Coated Culinista

Soap Making Party – Candy Coated Culinista

What’s a soap-making party you ask? Students get to make soap and use all the teachers’ products and pay for the soap you carry home by the pound. As soon as I got the invite I was all in; as I had too much fun at the soap-making workshop to pass it up. There were a must for the soap making party: anything culinary related and of course skulls. So I sat down and got to work and made my soaps and to us girls there it was fun play time.

This day I made three soap skulls, a strawberry chocolate doughnut, Margarita Chapman’s Rocket (Chapman’s Rockets are my favourite Popsicle from my childhood), strawberry smoothie Jello pie with hidden fruit inside and lastly a peach mango mini cupcake with soap buttercream and pearls.

My thoughts
I feel quite Zen-like with I am creating soaps. This seems to be my happy place, where I can be creative and have fun. There’s no rushing soap-making, things need time to set and I like that, and I am therefore forced to slow down and relax, as this isn’t my way normally. Today was my second attempt using a proper piping bag and this time it was piping buttercream soap onto a soap cupcake, and it turned out quite well. A fun time was had by all, and I left a couple of ladies still creating more soaps and mixing colours.

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