Towel Cake

Towel Cake - Candy Coated Culinista

Towel Cake – Candy Coated Culinista

The wedding shower of one of my bridesmaids is coming up and I had two options, cash or be creative and make a towel cake from the registry list. Being a creative soul I couldn’t resist making a towel cake. Mind you it would have been much simpler & cheaper to give cash.
Time: 1 ½ hrs.

• 4 bath towels (2 Chocolate & 2 linen)
• 2 hand towels (1 Chocolate & 1 linen)
• 2 Block Monogram fingertip towels (Linen)
• 3 cake boards in various sizes. (small, medium & large)
• Safety pins
• Long straight pins
• Scissors
• Tape or Hot glue
• Fake flower garlands
• Bell wedding garland
• Baby blue ribbon (thick)
• Baby blue ribbon (thin)
• 1 roll of cellophane

Bottom Tier (2-Linen & 1 Chocolate Bath Towel & Large Cake board)
1. Lay bath towels out lengthwise and fold into thirds along its length.
2. Roll chocolate towel into one and pin closed with the safety pins, and place in the centre of the cake board.
3. Repeat step 1 and 2 with the 2 linen towels and wrap around the chocolate towel in a circular fashion until completed.
4. Safety pin the last end and hide the pins along the sides.
Middle Tier (1 Chocolate Bath Towel & Medium Cake board)
5. Repeat steps 1-4 for the middle tier using the chocolate bath towel.
Top Tier (1-Linen & 1 Chocolate Hand Towels & Small Cake board)
6. Repeat steps 1-4 for the top tier using the linen & chocolate hand towel.
7. Add the two monogrammed finger tip towels to opposite sides of the cake top and pin.
8. Add flower garland to bottom of each tier.
9. Then add two rows of thick blue ribbon two rows for each tier.
10. Finally add bell garland to each tier. (2 to bottom & medium tier & 1 to top tier)
11. Decorate top with left of flowers and leaves and pin in.
12. Roll out cellophane and place towel cake on top and wrap.
13. Use the thin blue ribbon to make curly string on the top. (cut many pieces of string and run the scissor blade down it to curl)
14. Add card and matching bow to the front and you’re done.

• Ensure you have a big work space and everything within arm’s reach.
• If your boards are too big you can stuff the centre with tissue paper.
• Try to get the towels as straight as possible, it will be hard but try your best.
• Choose the ribbon colour from the save the date card. The colours for this October wedding is blue, so naturally I chose blue as an accent.

My Thoughts
I purchased the towel from their gift registry at bed bath & beyond. While I was finding the towels I saw some monogrammed towels in Chocolate & Linen. The exact colours for their towels and decided to get two and add as a cake topper of sorts.
The towels came to $154 with tax; the extras all came from the dollar store for $10 and I got the cake board from the bulk barn for around $8.
It was made with loads of love and I hope they appreciate the creativity.

The Bride-to-be knew I made it when she saw it and the writing on the card. She said “I don’t want to take it apart, but I will definitely be taking a picture before I do”

My friends I showed it to said “great job as usual, you’re so creative; if it’s unique and different it’s yours for sure.”

Towel Cake - Candy Coated Culinista

Towel Cake – Candy Coated Culinista

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