Lemony Letdowns: Chocolate Covered Twinkies

Chocolate Covered Twinkies - Candy Coated Culinista

Chocolate Covered Twinkies – Candy Coated Culinista

If you’re in a rush but want to make something try these. I saw Twinkies in the store and I had some candy melts leftover at home and thought to cover them in chocolate and make them even richer.

Yield/Serving: 8
Prep Time: 10 min
Hands on Time: 30 min.
Difficulty level is: Easy

• Twinkies
• Candy Melts, white and a 2 or 3 other colours
• Cello Bags

1. Line a cookie sheet with wax paper.
2. Un-wrap Twinkies.
3. Melt the white candy melts in a microwave safe bowl. (Stop the microwave at 30 second intervals and stir as to not burn the chocolate).
4. Coat the Twinkie into the white melted chocolate and place on the cookie sheet.
5. Place in the freezer for ten minutes to set the chocolate.
6. In the meantime melt the next colour of chocolate.
7. Once ten minutes have passed remove Twinkies from the freezer and decorate with another colour of Twinkies any way you like.
8. Drizzle using a fork, piping bag or a condiment squeeze container over the Twinkie.
9. Place back in the freezer for 10 more minutes.
10. Once chocolate has set wrap your decorated Twinkies in the cello bags.

Please Enjoy

My thoughts
This turned out just okay for me. They tasted great and they were eaten and liked by Mr. C’s co-workers. I just had envisioned these looking a certain way in my head and it never came to fruition sadly.

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