DIY Skull Cut-Out Tank Top

DIY Skull Cut-Out Tank - Candy Coated Culinista

DIY Skull Cut-Out Tank – Candy Coated Culinista

I love to get crafty and with all the clearance sales going on, I took the opportunity to purchase some cheap tanks, tees, skirts & denim. This way I can get creative and not care how much I spent because it was a steal.

Difficulty level is: Easy & Fun

• 1 tank top
• 1 pair of sharp fabric scissors

1. Lay your tank top out flat and sketch out you skull face with a pencil or pen.
2. Cut out the design as neat as possible.

• Make sure you use fabric scissors from a fabric store. I tried using my household scissors and the edges weren’t as neat and tidy.

Please Enjoy

I had so much fun just taking to a piece of fabric and cutting away. Mr. C. said it was “very cool and creative.” He also said I looked like a pumpkin as I was wearing my coral shorts to the gym that day. This is what gave me the idea to make it a Halloween post, one wry comment from the hubby. The girls at the gym said “is that another one of your creations” and liked it.

My thoughts
Besides not wearing orange on the bottom when I wear this top, I had a blast making this. It took no time at all and as I love skulls and collect all things skulls, I knew exactly how I wanted this face to look. The tank top only cost me $3.00 and this is a great way to see where my creativity goes.

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