Dessert Diaries: Bake Shoppe| Wedding Cake Shoppe

Dessert Diaries: Bake Shoppe| Wedding Cake Shoppe

Dessert Diaries: Bake Shoppe| Wedding Cake Shoppe

Location: 859 College Street
Phone: 416-916-2253
Hours: Mon: Closed, Tues – Fri : 12-8, Sat: 11-8 Sun: 12-6

On my way out for a night on the town I found myself walking through a new neighbourhood of Toronto I haven’t found myself in before-Dufferin Grove. Now I have driven past here before; but walking around is a whole different story. Of course I managed to find a unique bakery and me being me I had to make a quick pit stop.

When I entered the Bake Shoppe it was quiet but beautiful and inviting. There was this amazing garden wedding cake wall of cakes that was beautiful and attention grabbing. I checked out the baked selections and asked associate what she would recommend. I already knew what caught my eye; but sometimes I just like to know what others like to enjoy. Tonight I chose the homemade pop tart – a buttery pastry filled with Kitten & Bear blackberry jam; that is also sold by the jar for around $12. I kept looking around and I saw Hip Hop Sugar Cookies – I saw Biggie, TuPac Snoop and then Drake. It was a hard choice; but I will always default to a fellow Canadian first so Drake it was. I couldn’t help but sing “Hotline Bling” while I selected by cookie and laugh to myself. Both items go for around $3.50 and were a packaged well; so I knew they would last the night and not get damaged. The homemade pop tart has been on my to make list for a while and this one tasted amazing; the sweet and seedy blackberry jam complimented the soft and flaky quality of the pop tart. The sugar cookie looked so coolI didn’t even want to eat; but it was perfect. Other items on hand were homemade passion flakies, pecan squares, bourbon smore squares – toasted to order, brownies, bars, cookies, marshmallows, cakes, cupcakes, milkshakes and other and other drinks. When I’m in the area again I will be back to try other menu items.




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