Macaron Diaries: Nadege Patisserie

Macaron Diaries: Nadege Patisserie - Candy Coated Culinista

Macaron Diaries: Nadege Patisserie – Candy Coated Culinista

Location: 120 Adelaide Street West (The PATH) – Richmond & Adelaide Centre
Hours: Monday – Friday 7:30 am – 6:30 pm

While walking in the PATH back in 2014 on a lunch break exploring I saw a sign that Nadege Patisserie would be opening a location soon. I said finally as I still hadn’t managed to make it out to their Trinity Bellwoods location in over 3 years. Friday being Macaron Day I decided to celebrate by visiting here. Of all the patisseries giving back a portion of their sales Nadege topped them all by giving 50% of all their macaron sales to the Sick Kids Hospital for Macaron Day.

Today I purchased 12 macarons and also a box of their marshmallows. The flavours I got were: passion fruit milk chocolate, olive oil, Guinness (the last day to catch these from St. Patty’s Day), coconut lime, grapefruit cayenne, banana chocolate, orange zest, bacon maple, camembert, mojito, cotton candy, cappuccino and gin & tonic flavoured marshmallows. Twelve macarons cost $27.50 and the marshmallows were $6.

I found a lot of the fillings tasted the same to me even though the flavours were different. I think the flavours could be bumped up a touch so they could shine more. The grapefruit cayenne was my favourite of them all and I could taste both flavours and there was a slow after kick of the cayenne. The savoury flavours tasted like any other macs and I was expecting a distinct taste of cheese or olive oil which didn’t happen. As for the macarons themselves they had spaces in the shells so they crumbled on the first bite and didn’t retain their structure.

These aren’t in my top three for macarons in the city I think, but I will visit when I am in the area and they have the most selection of macarons on a given day. I am happy to finally have tasted from this patisserie after all this time.

Marshmallow Pecan Fudge

Marshmallow Pecan Fudge - Candy Coated Culinista

Marshmallow Pecan Fudge – Candy Coated Culinista

Chocolate, marshmallows, pecans, cream and sugar … who can resist right?

From Ricardo Larrivee

Preparation Time: 25 min.
Cook Time: 15 min.
Difficulty level is: Medium

• 1 ½ cups pecan halves
• 1 cup cream (35 %)
• 1 cup sugar
• 8 oz semi sweet chocolate
• 2 cups mini marshmallows

1. Toast the pecans in the oven or in a skillet.
2. In a saucepan, bring the cream and sugar to a boil.
3. Reduce the heat and add the chocolate, stirring constantly. Melt completely.
4. Simmer until a candy thermometer reads 112 °C (230 °F).
5. Remove from the heat and pour the fudge into a bowl.
6. Add the marshmallows and pecans and stir with a wooden spoon for 10 to 15 minutes.
7. Spread the fudge into a parchment paper lined 13 x 23-cm (5 x 9-inch) pan.
8. Cool completely, then cut into cubes

Please Enjoy

My thoughts
I was really happy with how this turned out and I could see pecan chunks with each bite. It was a nice mix of crunchy, chewy and soft. The second time I made this it was a Lemony Letdown. It was a humid day when I attempted this and making fudge on a humid day is always a bad idea, so I re-purposed the fudge.

DIY Candy Cane Hot Chocolate Mix with Marshmallows “In a Jar”

DIY Candy Cane Hot Chocolate Mix with Marshmallows “In a Jar” - Candy Coated Culinista

DIY Candy Cane Hot Chocolate Mix with Marshmallows “In a Jar” – Candy Coated Culinista

I wanted to make some homemade edible gifts and also get taste testers, so I made this for a friend that is a big hot chocolate lover.

Yield/Serving: about 12 servings (750 ml)
Prep Time: 10 min.
Layering Time: 10 min.
Difficulty level is: Easy

• Glass container – 750 ml
• 1 cup good quality Dutch pressed cocoa powder
• ½ cup granulated sugar
• Pinch of kosher salt
• 1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
• 20 mini candy canes, crushed
• ½ cup mini marshmallows
• Ribbon
• Bow
• Tag for instructions

1. Layer all the ingredients in the following order: cocoa powder, sugar, salt, chocolate chips, crushed candy canes and finally marshmallows.

**For the gift receiver: Leave instructions to remove marshmallows and stir together the remaining mixture until combined before using.

• Crush candy canes in a sandwich bag.
• Glass containers can be found at the dollar store.
• Make a tag with instructions and add some ribbon and a bow.

Please Enjoy

My thoughts
I had so much fun making this, and it makes a great thoughtful homemade present.

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