DIY Gumball Machine Costume

DIY Gumball Machine Costume - Candy Coated Culinista

DIY Gumball Machine Costume – Candy Coated Culinista

Why must I wait to the last minute for some things? I am not a tardy person as I always like to be early rather than late; I mean it’s not like the date changes yearly for Halloween like it does for Thanksgiving right. Yet here I am Thursday night staying up late making a quick DIY Halloween costume because I let the time slip away. I needed a costume I could make using some items from my already existing wardrobe. I knew I wanted to do something food related and I was thinking a Frappuccino of some sort; but then I thought to go as some sort of candy.

• 8 pack of pom poms (multi-sized)
• 1 headband
• 1 ring
• Coloured felt
• Safety pins
• Glue gun
• Glue sticks
• Black permanent marker
• Black tank top
• Red pencil skirt
• Shoes red or black

1. Lay tank top flat with an old piece of clothing in-between the two pieces of fabric.
2. Warm up the glue gun and start gluing pom poms in a random manner. (Don’t go too far down as you are tucking in the tank top).
3. Repeat on the back side of the tank top.
4. Decorate the headband.
5. Decorate the ring.
6. Draw the coin slot using the permanent market and cutting pieces from the felt.
7. Safety pin the coin slot to the front of the pencil skirt.

• Remember you are tucking in the tank top and don’t need to decorate the whole thing.

My thoughts
This took me about 4 hours to do while watching TV, so the time went by fast. My fingers were a hot glued mess; but I really loved how this turned out and I’m even wearing it to work today as its work appropriate for the Halloween festivities there as well as the Halloween Party tomorrow.

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