DIY Infinity Scarf – Practice #1

DIY - Infinity Scarf - Practice #1 - Candy Coated Culinista

DIY – Infinity Scarf – Practice #1 – Candy Coated Culinista

I finally pulled out my craft sewing machine that I got for my birthday last night. The previous night I read the instructions included in the box and they were not helpful in any shape or form. Last night I headed to YouTube and found so many how to videos that I managed to get the sewing machine working. I made a few practice sews; dug out the fabric I bought back in January and started my sewing journey. I started sewing immediately without much for-thought and managed to make one scarf, but then I realized I didn’t double over the fabric and I would probably have to un-stitch the fabric or just enjoy it as is. My second attempt using the remaining fabric, I had the theory down but I just can’t sew a straight line for the life of me. Once I was done it turned out pretty good; there was just one spot where I missed sewing the two pieces of fabric together. I then decided to sew it up by hand as I don’t know how to fix a problem like that yet. This didn’t turn out so well so I stole some ribbon planned for another project and covered up my sewing shame. The end result is a half decent infinity scarf in my eyes. It may not have the straightest lines and it probably could use a little more TLC regarding the ribbon. However, my first attempt was great and I am so proud of myself considering I completed one and a half scarves in less than two hours and before this I had never sewed one thing ever using a sewing machine. I will wear my raggedy, un-even scarf with pride, because I achieved something that has been on my bucket list and now if I never learn how to knit, I won’t feel so bad anymore.

• Sewing Machine
• Thread
• Bobbin
• Fabric

Please Enjoy

My thoughts
Slow and steady is the way to go. I have to get that sewing finesse and practice, practice, practice and I will get much better. My first scarf was much better than my second one because I used the foot pedal instead of the automatic guiding setting. I was just having trouble with the amount of pressure to apply to the foot pedal. With practice I will get better.


  1. Good job!! It’s beautiful!

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